Fire Awareness Training

Do you want to have the knowledge and training to operate fire safety equipment during a workplace emergency? Apply First Aid can help. We have comprehensive fire awareness training courses designed to give you the skills and confidence to step up to the plate during a fire emergency. This 2 hour course provides valuable insight into the proper operation of fire fighting equipment, which proves life saving when an emergency arises. During this course, individuals will learn how to operate 3 types of portable fire extinguishers, a fire reeland fire blanket. In order to successfully complete the course, individuals must perform all work in accordance with
Work Health and Safety procedures as well as all legislative, organisational, industry, and customer requirements.

Fire Awareness Training: Learning Objectives

Throughout the fire awareness course conducted by Apply First Aid , individuals will learn essential skills to perform life-saving duties during a fire in the workplace. The learning objectives of this course include:

  • Determination of the Fire Type and Classification
    In order to choose the appropriate fire extinguisher for the fire, one must be able to identify the fire type.
  • Demonstration of Correct Usage of Fire Hose Reel
    In order to effectively extinguish the fire, participants must be able to safely use the fire hose reel in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and all relevant workplace / OHS policies.
  • Demonstration of Correct Usage of Fire Blanket
    Learn proper procedures for using a fire blanket in accordance with safety guidelines.

This fire awareness course lasts 2 hours and will cover both practical and theoretical aspects of fire awareness training. Apply First Aid also offers the option of Group training for this and other first aid training course options, including CPR training course. Group training is ideal for organisations or groups
and can be performed in your workplace.

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