Emergency Evacuation Training

1 hour Emergency Evacuation Training

Course Description

This course provides wardens with the knowledge and skill to effectively and efficiently evacuate staff and occupants in response to an emergency.

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Learning Objectives

  • Pre-evacuation briefing
  • Overview of building emergency systems, evacuation plans and procedures
  • Conduct evacuation tailored to organisations requirements
  • Debrief with the warden team
  • Report on findings

Course Prerequisites

The session is for those participants who have been delegated to perform the role of fire warden or assistant fire warden.

Course Format

The session is delivered in a theoretical and practical format.

Course Length

1+ hours based on the organisation’s requirements.

Qualification Issued

Certificate of attendance.

Certificate Validity

As per AS3745-2010 “Planning for Emergencies in Facilities’. Evacuations are recommended at 12 monthly intervals.

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