Emergency Evacuation Training

The safe evacuation of occupants from a premises in an emergency is an important role of Fire Wardens

At Apply First Aid, we offer emergency evacuation training to wardens, which can be invaluable when dealing with an emergency. This course will provide participants with essential knowledge and skills to efficiently evacuate occupants during emergency situations. We offer this training throughout Australia, making it easy for you to access this training in your area.

Emergency Evacuation Training

This 1 hour course will cover a full range of essential learning objectives, which include:

  • An understanding of a pre-evacuation briefing.
  • A complete overview of evacuation procedures and plans as well as the building emergency systems.
  • A full evaluation tailored to the requirements of the organisation.
  • A full interview with the warden team.
  • An understanding of how to report on findings.

This course is designed for individuals who are assigned the role of fire warden or fire warden assistant. The course will be delivered in both theoretical and practical formats.

Qualifications and Certificate Validity

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be issued a certificate of attendance. In accordance with AS3745-2010